The National Park Service has issued the Former Reserved Properties Management Plan and Environmental Assessment. You can download the plan at NPS.gov or at www.nps.gov/cuis under the tab titled Park Management. The draft plan recommends that the Grange and Beach Creek Dock House be re-used for visitor services/education or recreation purposes. The estimated cost for this alternative is $2,541,888.60.

The Public Comment Period ended on August 12, 2011. Thank you for sending your comment to the NPS challenging the Plan. Partners in Preservation, Inc. submitted extensive written comments objecting to the proposed plan and participated in the public meeting in St. Marys on July 27. 2011. The next step will be for the NPS to review the public comments and then finalize the management plan. Please check back for future updates

Who We Are

Partners in Preservation is a non-profit organization established in 2006 to lease The Grange and Beach Creek Dock House from the National Park Service on Cumberland Island National Seashore. Both structures are listed on the National Register of Historic Places as part of the Dungeness Historic District.

The Grange was constructed in 1902-1903 for a total cost of $25,483. It was built for William Page and Eleanor Tucker Bickford, husband and wife. [Learn More]